Withings Steel HR Watch: 20% off + exclusive deals on accessories (ends 5/31/17)

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I'd been thinking about getting the Apple Watch for a while, but didn't like the idea of wearing something so sporty all the time.  Withings by Nokia offered to send me their  Steel HR watch.  After checking it out online and seeing the beautiful design and  that it has all the features that are important to me (tracks heart rate, steps, mileage, and sleep, and  alerts you of phone calls and text messages), I quickly accepted the offer!  I've been wearing it for a couple of weeks and love that it has all this functionality but looks like a normal watch.  

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I like that when I'm busy working, playing with my son, or my phone is across the room I can just take a quick glance to see whether the call or text that is coming in is important.  

Also it comes with a beautiful leather band and an interchangeable black silicone one for when you plan to really sweat! 

Right now, the watch is 20% off and there are great deals on accessories too!  Click here to see these offers.