My H&M Haul: Women's Dresses and More + Kids

I’ve been finding great items at H&M over the past couple of years. Lately, even when I budget for a higher end brand I find exactly what I need at H&M! I thought I’d share my top finds for me and my kids!


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I'm super practical (lazy?) about clothing. I barely buy anything that needs to be ironed or dry cleaned. I also try to buy 100% cotton as much as possible. I’m obsessed with H&M double-weave cotton items for kids because they are comfortable and the texture photographs beautifully! I will cover kids' items separately.


Women’s Dresses

I have an hourglass figure so tend to buy waisted a-line dresses.

I purchased these:

I’m eyeing these

Women’s (excluding dresses)

I purchased these:

I’m eyeing these:


Double-Weave Cotton

As I mentioned above, I’m obsessed with this fabric and have purchased almost every one of these items for my daughter (she is wearing the romper in the photo above).


This also includes some listings that include both boy and girl prints / colors.


My purchases:

More girls’ items:


More to come!! I will be adding more to this post as I purchase and find more great items!