15-20% Discount on the healthiest baby food pouches that I've found!

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My “baby” is now 13 months. I generally shy away from baby food pouches as I prefer to give my kids “real” (i.e., fresh and textured) foods and also because most pouches are sweetened with sugary fruits. Serenity sent me a sampler box of their veggie pouches and what I noticed immediately is that they have only 2-4 grams of sugar per pouch. I was impressed but doubted that my daughter would like them. To my delight, she loves them!! I think they would be perfect for on the go and summer trips, as well as for topping off an insatiable baby or toddler (like mine) at the end of a meal!

Click here and use code BEST15 for 15% off your first order (discount may be as high as 20% on variety packs).

Serenity baby food is also available at Amazon, but discount won’t apply.

You could even make my famous spinach pancakes, but substitute a veggie pouch for the spinach and avoid the blender!! These freeze well and both my kids have gone crazy for them since 7 months. At 4.5, Sam always says that they are his favorite kind of pancake — even better than the golden buttery ones he has had at restaurants!!

I personally only use the veggie pouches, but they also offer Paleo meat, free range chicken and wild salmon pouches.