Playmags: Exclusive Promo

I run a popular Facebook group where I feature deals for moms and families.  The most common request that I get is for deals on Magna-tiles or another good brand.  We use Playmags in my home and I highly recommend them!  They have nice strong magnets and are compatible with Magna-tiles.  I wrote a bit more about them in my gift guide for 1-3 year olds and my gift guide for 3-6 year olds

Below is an exclusive promo code on a few sets, as well as recommendations for some great value sets.  

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Exclusive 25% Discount Code

Use code HOLDAY17 (there is no "i" in the code") at checkout for 25% off any of these sets (expires 12/31/17):

Other Recommended Sets

I have this set and it is an amazing value, my son especially loves the cars!!  We have hundreds of pieces of Playmags, so I recommend going big with your initial set!  I think I paid over $65 on sale for this exact set two years ago.

Building boards allow your child to build more stable structures when used as a base plate, or to easily built taller towers when used vertically.

These car sets are a lot of fun!

This remote-controlled car will take your child's play to the next level!

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