Exclusive Discounts from The Very Best Baby Stuff

I've been sharing various exclusive promos on Instagram, on my deals Facebook page, and in my group for NYC moms of 2018 babies.  I thought I'd compile them all here.  I will be updating this post when I get access to new promos.  If a code isn't working for you or is expired, please click here to email me.

This post is easy to shop -- you can click through the hyperlinks and images to purchase the items featured.  The post includes affiliate links and codes, which means I may make a commission when you click through or use my code to make a purchase. I've also received some of the products as gifts from brands or in connection with paid campaigns.  Please see the Disclosure page for additional information.

Baby Buddha Portable Breast Pump.  This pump is tiny, portable, compatible with most any parts (including Spectra, Medela and Freemie), and for me yields more than my Spectra S1, PISA, or Freemie Liberty in half the time.  Total game changer, it's actually increased my supply because it's so effective.  I bought mine shortly after launch and it sold out the following day.  Click here to read my full review and find a 20% discount code

The Baby Buddha is compatible with parts from all major brands.  If you want to use it with Medela parts, you will need to buy this item.  If you want to use it with Spectra parts, you will need to buy this item.  More details on these hacks and images here.

Baby Formula and Food (Organic European).  I order from either of the below two vendors, depending on how much I need and how quickly.

  • This U.S.-based shop is reliable. I have ordered from them many times and always receive my delivery the next business day. I currently use this formula (PRE stage is for 0-6 months).

  • Organic Baby Food 24 (Holle, Hipp and other organic formula and baby food shipped reliably from Germany): 10% off when you click here and use code FLY10 (or use code SHP10 for $10 off shipping). I did some comparisons, and with my code it comes out cheaper than other shops even after you factor in shipping.

Bloom Daily Planners (gorgeous planners, meal/grocery planning pads, thank you notes, etc.): 15% off when you click here and use code BEST (code expires after 100 uses, so hurry).

Fitness and Health

  • obé fitness app: Use code MIRIAM30 for 30% off your first month (**you need to set up your account on the obe website and the code will automatically stack with the 7 day free trial offered to everyone, so your first month after the trial will be discounted, then you can switch to the app).  I researched a bunch of workout apps and decided on obé  because they offer both live and on-demand workouts, there is amazing variety of workout types and instructors, workouts are 28 minutes so you can squeeze one in or do two, there are post-natal workouts, and the workouts are all designed / filmed specifically for the app / at home (vs. a recording of a live class as an after thought) . My favorite instructors so far are Adam and Megan.  If you can

Legendairy Milk (organic breastfeeding/pumping supplements that are free of fenugreek,  gluten, soy and dairy): 15% off when you click here to order from the Legendairy website and use code BEST15 at checkout. You can also click here to purchase Legnedairy products on the Amazon site without a discount. 

Lovevery. receive $10 off the Play Gym or 10% off your first Play Kit when you click here.   The Play Gym is also available on Amazon (here), but the discount code won’t apply.   

Loopy phone case (I'm obsessed, makes juggling a baby and all my things so much easier): 10% off when you click here and use code best10 at checkout.

Marpac sound machines. You’ve probably heard of Marpac’s Dohm sound machine. I’m a tiny bit obsessed with the newer Hushh, which is tiny and rechargeable. We use it both at home and on the go. I like using one product for all purposes to provide a consistent sleep cue for baby. Click here and use code BEST15 for 15% off your purchase. You can also find Marpac products on Amazon, though I don’t have an Amazon discount code.

Minimains. 100% eco-friendly, super soft and machine washable* Cashmere & Cotton Clothing for Babies & Kids. Sustainable fashion, ethically handmade & environmentally friendly. Designed in NYC. I have multiple of the cashmere beanies for myself (they are completely perfect_ and also have one for each kid. My son has had a couple of the cashmere sweaters and they are amazing too. Click here and use code BEST15 for 15% off your purchase. You can also find Minimains products on Amazon, though I don’t have an Amazon discount code.

Nested Bean. Nested Bean is the maker of the Zen Sleep System which include the Zen Swaddle® and Zen Sack™. Their swaddles, sleep sacks and pajamas have a slightly weighted pouch to mimic your touch and soothe your baby. I'm currently using the winter weight sleep sack on my six month old and love the feel and quality. Click here (the Nested Bean site) and use code BEST15 for 15% off full priced products (not bundles or already discounted items).  Nested Bean products are also available on Amazon. Prices are generally a few dollars lower on the Nested Bean site and they offer a 60 day money back guarantee regardless of condition for products purchased directly from their site (vs. 30 days on Amazon).

NYC-Specific Promos

  • GLAM N GO. This hair blowout bar is top notch. I've been getting blowouts here for a couple of years. I have a monthly membership of four "express" blowouts, which means I walk in with clean dry hair and they style it to perfection in 15-20 minutes. Mention my name (Miriam Y. Cohen) for a discount on your first service. Also available in Miami.

  • HEYDAY. This spa offers 30, 50, and 75 Minute customized facials to give your skin what it needs and give you the knowledge you want to keep it at its best. I have a membership where I alternate between the 30 and 50 minute facials each month. Mention my name (Miriam Y. Cohen) for a discount on your first service. Also available in LA.

  • Union Square Play. Get your first class free when you click here and use code BESTNEW. Union Square Play is one of the city's newest indoor play spaces designed to cater to the needs of NYC family's with kids age 0-5 years. They offer a full calendar of thoughtfully selected classes with children's engagement vs. entertainment in mind. Their roster of classes include art for babies (yes, babies in diapers experiencing paint and clay!), developmental movement classes, dough making class and musical theater classes for children as old as 5 years old (to name a few!).

Nosiboo Pro Nasal Aspirator. Get 20% off this award-winning product when you click here and use code MIRIAM18.  Expires 9/28/18. 

Photography courses for moms from an award-winning photographer.

My Life In Pictures Masterclass: An all-inclusive intro level DSLR course designed just for moms! This course covers all the topics to show any amateur how to take professional looking pictures in no time! Learn what your camera buttons do, how to set up a perfect shot, how to use lighting like a pro, and how to polish your image in editing to give it that final pro touch! Click here to access the Masterclass.

Puffworks organic peanut butter puff snacks. 15% off when you use code 15BESTBABY at checkout. Click here for the baby puffs and here for the adult ones. The baby ones dissolve quickly to reduce any choking risk. My baby and four year old both love them. When the baby had a virus that impacted her appetite, thew were the only thing she would eat. I’ve never liked pb puffs but think these are yummy!

Ready, Set, Food!  50% off your first month when you click  and use code BEST50. Three recent clinical trials have shown that early and sustained allergen exposure for approximately six  months can reduce the risk of infants developing food allergies by up to 80%. Since young babies are not great eaters, it can be very hard to give babies enough exposure to prevent allergies.  Ready, Set, Food! makes early and sustained food allergen introduction easy because it’s a powder that dissolves easily in breastmilk, formula, or food.  I've already started my daughter on it. Be sure to check out my FAQ with  their chief allergist, Dr. Katie Marks-Cogan









Sew Trendy10% off  their gorgeous maternity gowns, baby clothes and props when you click here and use code BESTBABY.

Simka Rose Silicone Bibs. These dishwasher-safe silicone bibs have things like “#hangry,” “NOM, NOM, NOM” and “Notorious B.I.B.” printed on them. 15% off when you click HERE and use code BESTBABY15.

Sweet Scarlet Blooms (the most gorgeous newborn to girl headbands): 15% off when you click here and use code BEST15.

Snuggle Me Sensory Baby Lounger: 25% off when you click here and use code VBBS25 at checkout (exp. 12/25/18).