Bottle Feeding Essentials

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  • I LOVE Comotomo Bottles 

    • Here is why:
    • The nipple and body is made of medical grade silicone (it is becoming more and more clear that we should be limiting our exposure to even BPA free plastics).
    • The body is really wide so it comes out perfectly clean in the dishwasher.
    • The nipple is really soft and my son took to it right away.
    • I recommend that you get a 2 pack of 5 oz to start and later get the 2 pack of 8 oz.
    • Comotomo also makes a 100% silicone teether that is dishwasher safe.  My baby isn’t teething yet but likes to chew on it.  It comes in great shades of orange and blue.  My friends with teething babies said that it is great.
  • Other bottles
    • The Kiinde Twist Breastmilk Storage and Feeding System may be my favorite baby product.  You can pump into and feed directly from the same bags (no transfer mess).  See my post on pumping for more details.  

    • I tried some other bottles that didn't work for us.  If you comment that you are interested in those I will update this post to include them.

  • The Comotomo Bottles fit perfectly in the Tommee Tippee insulated bottle bag (2 pack).  This bag should also work well for other short and wide bottles (like the Tommee Tippee bottles). It is also good for transporting baby food.

Washing and Sterilizing Bottles

  • Medela Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags for sterilizing (I'm so glad that I bought these instead of a massive sterilizer)

  • After the first month I stopped hand washing and just put everything in the dishwasher with Dapple Dishwasher Pods or Planet Dishwasher Pacs (both work well and the latter is less expensive).

  • I have the OXO tot dishwasher basket and it works perfectly for me 
  • I like the OXO Good Grips Dish Rack.  It is simple but good and dishwasher safe.  This one has grey tips.  They produced the same thing  with green or orange tips and a little bin and market it as a bottle drying rack.  I much prefer the grey.
  • I have this grey dish mat for overflow. It is really inexpensive, folds up when not in use and is machine washable.  I have four of it - one for dishes, one on the baby dresser / changing table under the wipes dispenser and tray with all the baby creams just in case something spills, and one under each humidifier to protect my hardwood floors.  

Warming the Bottles

  • I didn’t use a bottle warmer. I just warmed bottles in a wide mug of warm tap water.  

  • If you want one, the Kiinde bottle warmer is supposed to be the best (especially for warming frozen milk).

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