My Rent the Runway Experience, Picks and Discount Code

When I was pregnant with Eliana I worked with my friend, Cassidy of Felt to reduce and reorganize my wardrobe. It was entirely transformative — I suddenly owned only items that I truly liked and was able to find every piece easily. Since then, I’ve been pretty selective about buying clothing, and especially accessories.

I try to buy only things that I really love and from which I will get a lot of use. This means a lot of neutrals and avoiding trends. I’ve always gotten a certain rush from getting new clothes and wearing them for the first time, and honestly I miss it a little! Rent the Runway recently offered me a three month subscription and I’m loving it so far! Every time that I share my latest rentals in my Instagram stories, I get a bunch of DMs asking me for details. I decided to create this running post of my favorites (including items that I paired with from my closet) to make it easy for everyone to access. I will update this post with my favorites, so check back often!

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How Rent the Runway Works + Discount

How it works

Rent the Runway carries clothing, outerwear and accessories (jewelry, bags and sunglasses). You can borrow individual items without a subscription. You can also sign up for a subscription — mine allows me to borrow four items at a time. As soon as I send my items back, I can get new items. I have four slots, so if I decide to hold on to an item, I just send back the other three and get them replaced. There is a showroom in the Flatiron district of NYC. I return my items there in person, place an order by 1:00 pm and then get my new items that evening. You can also return your items by mail. The online selection is much more expansive than the showroom selection (though I’ve found great bags and jewelry at the showroom).

Rent the Runway Discount

Click here AND use code BESTBABY100 for $50 off your first 2 months of RTR Unlimited ($100 off total) . With unlimited you get four slots and can use for clothing or accessories (bags, jewelry or sunglasses). I typically rent one or two bags per shipment.

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Items I’ve rented

Just a note about my preferences and body type — I have an hourglass figure and like comfortable clothing! I’m usually with a kid or two, so I typically opt for cross body bags for day. Living in NYC, I avoid bucket bags to avoid being pickpocketed!

Scroll down for more items that I’ve favorited for later.

How I styled my RTR rentals

Here is how I styled some of my rental pieces. I linked both RTR and other retailers for those who want to buy from a traditional retailer.

The dress  is my own and so reasonably priced!!!

The dress is my own and so reasonably priced!!!

This dress  and  shoes  are both insanely comfy!! The  dress is from GAP  (click  here  for  my current GAP faves ).

This dress and shoes are both insanely comfy!! The dress is from GAP (click here for my current GAP faves).

More of my purchases and picks for me and the kids

Here are my recent purchases and picks for me, my boy and my girl:

  • Bloomingdales

RTR picks that I’ve favorited for later

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