Organizing with Amazon: Get Organized and Get it Delivered 

Getting your child’s room organized doesn’t have to require a special shopping trip or even schlepping items from the car. Now, you can start getting organized from the comfort of your couch with some of our tips and these product picked right from Amazon.  

This post includes professional organizers' tips for what type of furniture, bins and other storage solutions to best store your child's belongings, creating a "go-bag" to save time when heading out with your littles, storage solutions to preserve sentimental items and clothing and other items for future use, and creating a user-friendly first aid box.

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Finding Furniture

Sometimes the only thing that is going to help you get organized is a new piece of furniture but that doesn’t mean it has to be an expensive endeavor. If you have a little reader on your hands, these wall shelves are a great way to display some of your favorite books in a spot that is easy enough for your child to reach.

Book Ledge


Alternatively, you can also add a book case.

The IKEA Kallax is one of our favorites for its simplicity and versatility. You can choose from multiple sizes  and finishes, and even combine a few, to perfectly fit your space.  It can store books, display toys or even be outfitted with bins to house smaller toys and items that are best contained rather than being out on display.

Image courtesy of Pinterest (click  here  to browse the IKEA Kallax collection).  See below for bin options.

Image courtesy of Pinterest (click here to browse the IKEA Kallax collection).  See below for bin options.

Bookcase Bins

When it comes to outfitting your bookcase with bins, be sure to measure twice before buying since you will want to be sure that they fit. Here are some cute options including some cute 3 Sprouts bins that come in many styles are a great value.


Tidying Toys

Keeping a child’s room tidy can be a challenge so look for storage pieces and items that encourage children to participate in the cleanup process. The earlier they learn, the better for everyone.

We like using canvas storage bins in kids rooms because they are softer and more forgiving around little ones. Tall canvas cylinders can be used for larger, bulkier items like stuffed animals, sporting equipment or even large building blocks.

Canvas Bins - Tall Cylinder



Canvas Bins with Handles - Rectangular

Smaller, low level canvas bins can be used under beds or other tall furniture, in bookcases or closets or even just lining a wall under a window in a play space. And, the best part of these open bins is that putting toys and items away is easy.

Canvas Bin with Handles - Short Cylinder

Creating Go-Bags

Heading out with kids in tow means that you need to bring supplies. Set yourself and your caregivers up for success by packing go-bag pouches that contain the essentials for a day out of the house. We recommend using washable pouches (like these from Baggu or the ones Miriam wrote about here). And, while some of the contents may vary from family to family, we suggested packing snacks (click here for details on Miriam's favorite snack container), an emergency contact sheet (consider laminating it), a favorite small toy, a change of clothes (depending on your child’s age), as well as as assortment of the following supplies.

Washable Go Bag Pouch

Go-Bag Contents

Mini First-Aid Kit

Insect Repellent Wipes

Hand Sanitizing Wipes

Water Bottle (click here to see Miriam's recommendations for various ages and stages)

Preserving Memories

For those first few months and even years, kids are constantly growing out of their clothes and toys and other sentimental items. As your children grow out of the clothing, put clean pieces  sorted by size in plastic storage bins until you can use them again or until you can hand them off friends, families or a local donation place. 

Clear Plastic Storage Bins

Archival Storage

As for those special sentimental pieces, use an acid-free storage box or folder to keep the cleaned items pristine for the long term. And, be sure to label each box (see below for our label maker recommendations).

Label Maker

We recommend using labels whether you are organizing items for long term storage in the attic or overhauling your play space. However, the number of labels you use and how you choose to use them is a totally personal decision. Some families like broad category labels on shelves - for instance, arts and crafts - and others want each bin on the arts and crafts shelf labeled individually. And, there is no right or wrong answer here because it is whatever works best for you and is easiest to maintain. 

Here are the labeling systems that we recommend (click through the images for details):

Putting Safety First

Create a personalized first aid/allergy kit with a latched plastic box and put it somewhere central in your home. We recommend including character bandages for the toughest boo-boos, allergy medications, a good thermometer, and anything else that your family uses regularly.

First Aid Box

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Michelle and Annie are co-founders of Henry & Higby, a professional organizing company in New York City. They believe that life should be as simple as possible and that the process of getting organized can help. Visit them on Facebook, Instagram or on their website

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