Kid-Friendly High Fiber Healthy Waffles (modified F-Factor)

Moms are constantly asking me what I feed my kids. This waffle recipe is relatively new in the rotation but it’s a big hit in our home and an easy way to add fiber to my kids’ diets. Another is my simple spinach banana pancake recipe, which you can find here.

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I made this batch with blueberries.

I made this batch with blueberries.

I made this batch with raspberries.

I made this batch with raspberries.

Importance of Fiber for Kids and Adults

When I was down to 5 remaining pounds of baby weight, I read the F-Factor diet book after my friend had great success with it. I ended up committing about 85% — I didn’t want to give up my Nutpods creamer in my morning coffee or the fat of whole eggs and olive oil in my salad dressing. I still lost 5 lbs in 1.5 weeks and have kept them off by incorporating more fiber and protein in my diet (comment below if you want me to write more about that).

Fiber is filling, so it aids in weight loss but it has many other health benefits for both kids and adults. Lots of kids suffer from constipation, and increasing fiber is typically recommended as a treatment.

Lizzy from Excessories Expert shared an F-Factor approved waffle recipe. I tried it, found it to be OK but dry. I modified it to make it tastier and kid-friendly. I swapped out the egg whites and replaced them with whole eggs, and added a teaspoon of oil and berries to make them moist yet still healthful. I also omit the salt, but if you like salt in baked good you can add a pinch.

If you’re looking for a crispy and buttery waffle recipe, this is not it. Though if you add melted butter to the recipe it could be!!

Waffle Recipe

This recipe makes 2 pancakes (my four year old eats a half and my 10 month old eats a quarter).


*can substitute freeze dried berries or frozen berries. If using frozen you may need to reduce the almond milk.


Pre-heat waffle iron (I set mine to 400 degrees Fahrenheit) and spray with cooking oil.

Mix wet ingredients and add dry ingredients. Add berries last.

To limit the number of utensils to wash, I mix everything in a 4 cup silicone measuring cup set on my kitchen scale. I add the bran by weight.

Fill waffle iron (this recipe makes two waffles on my griddler , i.e., fills half the unit).

Cook for approximately 4-6 minutes, depending on your waffle iron.

Top with syrup. jam or fruit, as desired.

For F-Factor Compliant Waffles

If you want to comply with the F-Factor diet, use egg whites instead of whole eggs and omit the oil. F-Factor encourages high fiber berries, so you can include raspberries or strawberries. You can also top with a sugar-free high fiber maple syrup such as ChocZero or PB2 powder mixed with water.

A Note on Waffle Irons

I have a small kitchen and try to limit appliances, so I simply purchased the waffle inserts for the griddler that I already own.

If I was buying a waffle iron, I’d be sure to purchase one with removable plates, which make it easier to clean. I’d make an exception for a character waffle iron to encourage a child to eat (Disney makes Mickey, Olaf and Princess ones) .

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