8 Tried & True Eco-Friendly / Non-Toxic Products for Baby & Family

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There are so many eco-conscious products out there.  Here is a quick list of the ones that I love and use just about every day (you can click through the images to find the products on Amazon, but don't miss the two exclusive discount codes included in the text below). 


  1. Biokleen Bac-Out Stain+Odor Remover Foam Spray.  This product is plant based.  It uses live enzyme-producing cultures to attack food and beverage stains, organic waste, and odors.  It has gotten cherry stains out of my white shirt and I feel comfortable using it on my son's lovies, which he sucks on. 
  2. Planet Cleaning Products.  I use their laundry detergent, dish soap, dishwasher pods and all purpose spray.  These products are all 100% biodegradable and are derived from plant-based sources.
  3. Spray Bottle of Diluted Distilled Vinegar.  I use this to clean my son's high chair.  It's entirely food grade, which is good considering that I've caught him licking his tray.  
  4. Stojo Collapsible Reusable Silicone Coffee Cup and Travel Mug.  This cup is great because it is mainly silicone, it is collapsible and fits in your pocket and it comes with a leak proof lid. I've read that the coffee cups that people keep at work are a breeding ground for bacteria.  This one is light enough to toss in your purse and clean properly at home.  You can also bring it to your local coffee shop and have them fill it up, they may even give you a cup credit discount.  Exclusive promo:get 10% off with code STOJO216.
  5. Silicone Bath Toys.  I particularly like these colorful silicone blocks.  They are hermetically sealed so they won't develop mold. Exclusive promo: get $5 off with code YP8NKTCB. We also use silicone pinch bowls in the bath.
  6. Acure Bare Baby 4-In-1  Hand Wash, Shampoo, Body Wash, and Bubble Bath.  It is non-estrogenic, allergen free, vegan, gluten and cruelty free, freee of parabens, PEG, petroleum, sulfate, silicone, phthalate and synthetic fragrance.  It also won’t clog pores and is 100% Biodegradable.  I like how it feels and how easily it comes out of the pump.  One thing to note is that it isn't tear free, but this cap eliminates that concern (the cap does contain plastic so I bring it out only for hair washing).
  7. Pura Kiki Stainless and Silicon Bottle, Sippy and Straw Cup System.   This system is great -- it is made entirely of stainless steel and silicone.  You can use the same bottle/cup and ring from infancy through toddlerhood and just switch out the nipple, spout and straw pieces.  It comes in two sizes.  I generally reserve the large one for milk and the small one for water.  You may be tempted by the cute enamel colors, but I heard that they chip in the dishwasher so I bought them in natural stainless. 
  8. Lemon Balm Salve.  I use this instead of Aquaphor (which is petroleum-based) on my son's cheeks.  It's made entirely of organic ingredients or wild herbs.  It completely got rid of the red patches on my son's cheeks within a couple of days and a friend told me that it got rid of her cold sore pronto.  Note that it isn't safe for kids with nut allergies. 

What are your favorite eco-friendly products?