Dyson V8 Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum Review

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Every so often, I find an appliance that I geek out over.  My Dyson cordless is one of them.  I've been a bit obsessed with my Dyson DC44 Digital Slim cordless vacuum for years.  So when Dyson offered to send me their new more powerful Dyson v8 Absolute cordless vacuum I immediately said "yes!"

I remembered reading something about it being more hypoallergenic than my old Dyson model, which I figured could only be good for my family.

I ended up being pleasantly surprised.  They made significant enhancements to an already great design.  

The v8 is designed to serve as an all around vacuum and replace your handheld and canister or upright vacuum. If you live in a city apartment like me, you really don't need any other vaccum.  Here is what impresses me most about this vacuum.


The v8 packs a punch with amazing balance and functionality while weighing only 5.75 lbs.  

I find the balance and maneuverability to be even better than my old Dyson model.

It's so easy to whip out that I use it daily (and before that used its predecessor model) and can't remember the last time that I used my broom.  

My son recently figured out how to open his snack container and Cheerios flew EVERYWHERE.  I cleaned it all up in about a minute with this machine.

Hygienic and Hypoallergenic with HEPA filtration

You can eject dust and dirt in one action.  With the old model I had to cajole the dirt out of the bin, but now it somehow all comes out in one neat motion.

The unit uses HEPA filtration to capture super fine particles of dust and the entire system is engineered to be sealed and expel clean air (have you ever walked into a room and smelled the dust from the vacuum?  That won't happen with this machine).  

The unit has both a standard and HEPA filter, both of which need to be rinsed out monthly and allowed 24 hours to dry.

The filters are really easy to rinse, but I hate not being able to use the vacuum for a full 24 hours.  For my old model, I had an extra filter to solve this issue.   I consider this to be the one negative for the machine.

Dyson does sell the the non-HEPA filter separately (here) so you can just stick in a fresh one while the other is wet.  The HEPA filter doesn't seem to be sold separately yet.  

Super Powerful with Up to 40 Minutes of Fade Free Suction

The v8 boasts an impressive max of 115AW suction power from a Lithium ion battery.  There are two modes, the standard one is powerful enough for daily use and is what I use 98% of the time.  

You slide a switch to turn on the "max" mode.  This gives it a boost that is great for harder to reach areas and more difficult messes.  The max mode is much noisier and depletes the battery in seven minutes, so I use it sparingly.  

Use with the motorized floor extension tool will deplete the battery in 25 minutes.  

40 minutes is a really long time to vacuum, but is convenient if you forget to plug it back in between uses.


I'm amazed by how quiet the machine is on regular mode.  It is way quieter than its predecessor model.  

Floor to Ceiling Cleaning and Everything in Between 

The V8 was designed to replace your main vacuum.  It comes with attachments for various purposes, which you can  connect either directly to the unit or to the extender piece for harder to reach areas.

Additionally, it comes with both a hardwood and carpet attachment.  The hardwood floor attachment is new for this model and is designed to pick up big pieces and dust.  I appreciate this because I have hardwood floors.

Even extended, it is so well balanced that I use it to vacuum the vents that are about 9.5 feet up my bathroom and kitchen walls.

Charging Indicators

One thing that annoyed me about the older model is that the charging indicator is not on the unit itself and is instead on the piece that goes into the outlet, which for me was out of view.  Now the indicator is on the unit itself and clearly shows you the charge level of the unit both while it is charging and during use.  It also more clearly shows the charge / remaining run time level. 

Convenient Docking Station

The docking station is cleverly designed to charge the machine and hold attachments.

Two Year Warranty

This machine is expensive, so a warranty can give you peace of mind.

To sum up, I loved the older version of the Dyson v8 and am even more impressed with this one.  I use it every day and highly recommend it! I live in a two bedroom NYC apartment with hardwood floors and a couple of rugs and now use it as my only vacuum.  

This post was sponsored by Dyson.  All opinions are my own.