Holiday Gift Guide: Moms of Babies & Toddlers + 2 Chances to Win $125 from Minted

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When a woman is pregnant she is showered with attention and as soon as the baby is born, attention shifts to the baby.  Let's shower the moms in our lives with gifts they will really want!  I polled the moms in my Facebook deals group asking what they want for the holidays.  Most of their responses revolved around wine, so wine is well-represented, but there is something for everyone!

Feel free to forward this list to your friends and family!

Also I've partnered with Minted to give you two chances to win $125 to spend at Minted (entry details below).

(athleisure for new and nursing moms)

PeabodyMom's luxurious and fashionable athleisure is made from, or lined with, anti-microbial, moisture wicking and odor absorbing fabric to keep moms cool, dry, neat, and fresh from early morning wakeup to midnight feeding.  

PeabodyMom's tops are constructed in silhouettes that flatter the body and encourage breastfeeding, without any plastic clips. Their revolutionary waist cincher is like none before it! The three levels of zippers provide customizable compression and support for the changing midsection, while being comfortable enough to wear around the clock without any stiff feeling or crunch of Velcro. Structured boning in the back gives extra posture support and encourages healing.

Give PeabodyMom to  any mom who deserves to feel comfortable and gorgeous, whether she’s staying at home, commuting to work, or running errands on a busy day.

Free Shipping with code: ShipItToMe. (NYC only)

Going for a manicure or pedicure is almost impossible when you have a little one. changes that by allowing moms (and even dads) to get pampered in  their own homes during naptime or after baby goes to sleep for the nights. uses Essie's new Gel Couture line for their regular manicures, which last up to 14 days (seriously)! They also never dilute their products, only use single-use tools and soothing organic products for all of their spa services.

Get $10 off your first service when you sign up here.

Baby Says More™

Baby Says More™ is an online course for parents who want to learn to communicate with their babies using baby signs before the onset of spoken language.  Baby sign language can greatly reduce frustration and crying by both mom and baby!

Give your baby the gift of communication this holiday season, and give yourself the gift of knowing exactly what your baby wants with the help of the “Learn & Play”Advanced Online Baby Sign Course by Baby Says More™!  


Anything from ModernMud Ceramics

All the ceramics in this shop are hand made by Naomi, whom I've known since grade school.  She is immensely talented and creative, and I have purchased a few of her ceramics for myself!

Smart Digital Picture Frame

This is an especially great gift for the mom that is just returning to work.

Despite our best intentions, pasta is one of most toddlers' main food groups.  Dinner time can be stressful, help a mom save a step and have one less thing to wash by buying her a pasta pot.  If you want to be aspirational, you can buy it for cooking veggies too.  This one comes in black and some fun colors.

Mackage Micah Coat

A few of my friends have this coat and the rest want it.  It is on my wish list too.  It is flattering, warm and not too heavy plus it has a hideaway hood!

This coat is available at Bloomingdales, Amazon and Club Monaco.

Smart Touch Gloves


Stroller Mittens

These mittens attach to the handlebar of the stroller and you slip your hand through and hold on to the handlebar through them.  I know they sound like a gimmick, but they are amazing!  It is a lot easier to pull your hands out of these to tend to your baby and then quickly put your hands back in than it is to pull your gloves off and then put them back on.   Mom will think of you all winter.  See my guide to surviving winter with a newborn for more tips.  

This is the most stylish water bottle out there.  Mom will remember to drink her water and feel good about not adding to the landfills.  Plus if you throw a few ice cubes in it will stay cold for hours.  I've been told that this less expensive brand is just as good by a friend who owns both.


Dyson Cordless Vacuum

Dyson's cordless vacuums are designed to serve as an all in one replacement for every vacuum you own.  I've had one for years.  They almost make vacuuming fun! I use mine daily for everything from cleaning up toddler messes to vacuuming the dust that accumulates on my very high bathroom and kitchen vents. 

I recently upgraded to the newest model -- the Dyson v8, which includes a hard floor extension, is quieter and more hypoallergenic (see my full review here).  

and Wine Accessories

The moms in my group have spoken, and they want wine!  

You could easily buy wine in person or even on Amazon. But coupling your gift with some of these wine accessories makes it even more special (and memorable):

Milestone Wine Labels

You've all seen those cute stickers and card used to photo-document  baby's firsts.   Well, now their are wine labels to celebrate certain milestones and bring humor to some others.  

Wine Chilling Pearls

Isn't it the worst when you NEED a glass of white wine and realize that you haven't chilled a bottle?  Enter these chilling wine pearls, which are basically fake ice that will chill your drink without diluting it!  Thank you The Analytical Mommy for sharing this idea with me!

Lighthearted Wine-themed Gifts

These speak for themselves.

Meditative Coloring Book

For the mom who doesn't drink wine, or who just needs more to get in her zone, I recommend this meditative coloring book.  It comes with really pretty metallic pencils.  Oprah has this on her list of favorite things too!

Recognizing that people unwind in different ways, I'll also point you to other adult coloring books (at various price points), including irreverent and profanity-laced ones


A Stylish Diaper Tote/Carryall

Help the mom tote around all her baby gear in style!  This Parasol tote is on preorder and will ship December 15.

Mini Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker is on my personal holiday gift wishlist.  Unless you have a sound system throughout your house, it is super convenient to have this little bluetooth speaker.  

You can use it in any rooms with your kid, to relax while you bathe, and even bring it on family outings and vacations.

Anything from Minted 

I used Minted for my son's birth announcement and for holiday cards.  Everything they make is beautiful and amazing quality.  

My top choices for mom are personalized stationery or a notebook with her family's faces on the cover.   

I've partnered with Minted to give you two chances to win $125 to spend at Minted.  Click here to enter and see the official rules.  Entry is open from 12/4/16 until 12/11/16.


I hope that you enjoyed this gift guide.  Please also check out my gift guide for babies 0-12 months, and for toddlers 1-3 years old.  And look out for my upcoming guide on gifts for 3-6 year olds!  

Also be sure to follow along in my Facebook deals group, where I post deals on my favorite and popular products for the entire family.

This post was sponsored by some of the brands featured in the post.  All opinions are my own.