KITCHENSURFING's Home-Cooked Dinner for Under $30: too good to be true? Plus a code for a free dinner!

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(updated 9/30/15)

I've heard a lot of buzz about Kitchensurfing lately.  I was really intrigued by the concept and the beautiful pictures of delicious-looking food on the site, but (being a true New Yorker) I was skeptical.... it seemed too good to be true.

Last week, I finally gave Kitchensurfing a try and am thrilled to share that it is amazing! I'm hooked and plan to use the service regularly.

I'm excited to share my experience with you!  I'm also thrilled that they are offering fans of The Very Best Baby Stuff a free first dinner for up to four people!   All that you need to do is sign up by clicking here and entering code "bestbaby1"

I'm also giving away to one lucky reader two Kitchensurfing dinners (two people per dinner).  You can enter below through 10/7/15.  The giveaway is open to new and existing Kitchensurfing users.

More details on my experience below but first, for context, here are the basics of how it works --

A chef comes to your home with all cookware and ingredients, prepares a home-cooked three course weekday dinner, plates the food family style, cleans up the kitchen, and the total cost per person is under $30 (or FREE if you follow the directions above).  

I went on the website and saw five menu options for that day, including beef, poultry, fish and vegetarian options.  

I chose the fish option: pan-seared cod fillets topped with a cucumber-pomegranate relish; couscous with cumin and peas; and a fresh citrus salad with orange, tangerine, grapefruit, fennel, and mint. That week Kitchensurfing was featuring cucumbers, basil, arugula, and fennel from Norwich Meadows Farm in Chenango County, NY.

Here are the photos from the website of the meal that I chose:

We ended up having our close friends join us.  Still, when I got home from work, I was able to relax and spend time with my son instead of scurrying around in the kitchen like I usually do before guests arrive.

Being that my son finally stopped insisting on being spoon fed, I was able to set the table quickly while he kept busy making a mess and getting some food into his mouth.   

I even had time to read him multiple books in that tight 70 minutes between when I get home from work and his bedtime.

The set table

The set table

A few minutes after I put my son to sleep, Chef Chris arrived with a HUGE backpack filled with all the ingredients and cookware.

Chef Chris' massive backpack of food and cookware

Chef Chris' massive backpack of food and cookware

He arrived wearing a t-shirt, which I didn't really notice or think anything of, but then he changed into a chef's shirt.  I started to feel like I was getting a really luxurious experience.

I was wondering how he would be able to prepare the entire meal and clean up within 30 minutes, but when I saw how neatly everything was pre-measured, it made more sense.  

The ingredients  

The ingredients  


Chris spent a couple of minutes going through my servingware with me to find the pieces that would best showcase the food.  As soon as we were done, my husband arrived home, followed within a few minutes by our friends.

It was so nice to be able to relax with my husband for a few minutes and then catch up with our friends without having to run back and forth to check on the oven.

I was slightly concerned that it might feel uncomfortable to have a stranger cooking in my kitchen but, within five minutes, we all felt like we were hanging out at a bar with our favorite bartender.   


Our friends brought a beautiful bottle of wine.  When it took me 30 seconds to find the corkscrew (baby gear has taken over my once organized kitchen), Chef Chris reached for his bag to get me one.  He also taught me how to take better photos.  Seriously, he is the Mary Poppins of personal chefs (and he gets partial photo credit for all photos in this post).  

It was awesome to be enjoying a glass of wine when Chris brought out all the food.

He presented everything beautifully -- maybe better than on the website, you be the judge (and keep in mind that I took my photos with my phone) -- and every dish was truly delicious!

We thoroughly enjoyed our dinner and really didn't lift a finger -- Chef Chris even cleaned up the kitchen and let himself out.

I'm pretty sure that he left it even cleaner than he found it (and because he brought his own cookware, there was no evidence left behind).

Chris left the kitchen clean

Chris left the kitchen clean


All I had to do that evening was set the table, take some photos for this post and enjoy the company and meal!

Even though we did this with our friends this time, we are looking forward to doing this as a couple regularly.  I'm excited to elevate our weeknight dinner experience.

Kitchensurfing is available Monday-Friday in Manhattan below 116th Street and in Park Slope.  The service is offered in 3 packages - dinner for 2 ($59), dinner for 2 and 2 kids ($79) and dinner for 4 ($95). Prices are inclusive of tax and gratuity.

To redeem your free dinner for up to four people, sign up by clicking here and entering code bestbaby1. This offer is available only to first time Kitchensurfer customers.

Please also enter the competition to win two Kitchensurfing dinners (two people per dinner).  You can enter through 10/7/15.  The giveaway is open to new and existing Kitchensurfing users (so sign up using instructions above and enter competition by clicking through below).


This post was sponsored by Kitchensurfing, but all opinions are my own.