Diapering Essentials

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In the early days (especially if you are exclusively breast feeding), baby poop is pretty innocuous, but you still need to handle it properly!  Here are my tips to make diaper changing go as smoothly as possible. 

Changing Pad

  • The Keekaroo Peanut is a total game changer.  Unlike your conventional changing pad, you can simply wipe down the Keekaroo Peanut with a baby wipe or cleanser (I use Babyganics Toy and Highchair Cleaner).  Conventional changing pads need to be covered with a sheet that needs to be changed every time a drop of pee or poo escapes on the changing table (i.e., very often).  

Diapering Supplies


  • I tried a bunch of natural diapers and Pampers Swaddlers, and The Honest Company diapers are hands down my favorite. (click here for a discount on your first Honest Company order).  They come in cute patters, aren't bulky and are well elasticized, which means less blowouts.  My son had the skinniest little legs until he reached about six weeks and these were the only diapers that were properly elasticized around his scrawny legs and kept the pee from streaming straight out.  The Honest Company diapers don't have a wetness indicator, but I didn't miss having it.   

  • The best deal that I have found on The Honest Company diapers is by ordering  their diaper and wipes bundle directly (and the wipes are my favorite too, see below).  

Click here to order a bundle and use code Ambassador10 for $10 off your first order.

Click on this link for a discount on your first Honest order:

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    • If your baby soaks through diapers overnight (this happens as the number of ounces and hours of sleep both increase), you should give Pampers Baby Dry a try.

    • When I was pregnant, I researched all of the brands of natural diapers and thought that I would use Bambo Nature Diapers as they seemed to be the most natural, but I found them rather bulky.

    • FYI, when your baby does have a diaper blow out, take his/her onesie off by pulling it down, otherwise you will end up with poo in your baby's hair.


    • In the very beginning, I used disposable napkins from the hospital -- these are awesome - cut in half or thirds, wet and use as wipes at home (you may even put them in a wipes warmer.  When you run out use Kleenex hand towels or Viva paper towels (I used the latter but it has since occurred to me that the former would be more convenient) instead.

    • I switched to regular wipes at around a month. I tried multiple brands (including Water Wipes and Seventh Generation) and my favorite are from Honest.com .  

    • The Honest Company wipes are thick, textured and moist, so you end up using less than you would with other brands.  In the beginning, babies poo with almost every diaper change and often end up with rashes from your wiping.  That is less likely to happen with this wipe than others because you don't have to work as hard with this wipe.


    • The OXO WipesDispenser is great.  You can easily access wipes and they stay moist.  I think it will save you money in the long run because it will keep your wipes moist and save you a few seconds with each change (which likely means less errant pee).

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