Tips for Pumping at Work

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Please also read Liquid Gold: Tools to maximize how you pump, store and feed every drop of expressed milk, as it contains important information that also applies to pumping at work.

The PackIt insulated snack or mini lunch size bag (I have it in black) is key to success at pumping at your desk.  If you freeze the bag overnight, it functions as a refrigerator all day.  Every night I put the PackIt in the freezer and pack a set of pump parts in a twist tie gallon sized bag.  Every time that I pump on a given day it is into the same Kiinde pouch/bottle and using the same set of parts.  I just store them in the PackIt.  I always put the parts into the gallon size bag and then into the PackIt to keep things sanitary.


To keep things sanitary,  I lay everything out on paper towels on my desk.

I also block out on my calendar two thirty minute periods for pumping each day.  I don't actually use all 30 minutes, but it ensures that I have enough time if a prior meeting runs over.  

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