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A little about me and the history and future of this site -- 

I was born and bred in New York City.  I met my husband in 2011 when we were living in adjacent buildings in Greenwich Village, Manhattan.  We got married in lower Manhattan in January 2013 and were blessed with a beautiful son in December 2014.  We love him more and more each day! 

From when I was pregnant, I’ve been researching everything that I buy for him and have become all of my expectant and new mom friends’ favorite resource (I'm a recovering attorney and pretty thorough about whatever I set my mind to do).  I had been getting the same questions repeatedly from my five pregnant friends, so I decided to start organizing and building on my answers in a Google doc.  That doc got shared so much that any time I logged on to update it I saw that more and more people were viewing it.  One night in May 2015, when my husband was out of town and my five month old was asleep for the night I decided spontaneously to  publish the information that I had written for my friends here and to build on it.  

My goal is to help as many new parents as possible and to maintain the authentic voice from my original Google doc.  

I hope that this resource is helpful to you -- I certainly would have appreciated if someone had made something like this available to me!

Please visit often, as I continually update this site based on my son’s current stage, as well as new questions and feedback from you!

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Me and my 12 day old baby.